Mahaavtarbabaji - Cry on Mountain

I am the Cry on Mountain

This time the Cry on Mountain is the same like at the time of Noah. This is the end of the days. It is my duty to alarm the people and to make them aware about the truth.

I don't say, “Come onto this path.” I say, “Come onto me!” I am in front, and everybody has to be behind me. The path for all religions is one, but they forget that. So I am reminding them.

You can't grab this world with force and power! This world is a Holy Place, where God stands in front of you. You will be answerable to that God.

Those who believe in the Cry on Mountain
And walk on the righteous path
Will be saved.

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Maha Avtar Babaji’s lectures, which were recorded in his Kriya Yoga Ashram in Nainital, India, in the years 2004 to 2008 have been compiled in the book "Cry on Mountain - The Message of Maha Avtar Babaji". It was Babaji’s wish, that his message should be compiled and printed in a concise version. His lectures were therefore dismantled and compiled according to topics. It was however the declared goal for the compilation, to reproduce Babaji’s sayings as well as possible in his own words.